About Us

Box Number One is a independent design agency based in Hamilton near Glasgow.
We love design and are always open to new ideas… Every day is a school day.

Iain Strefford
Head Designer

I set up Box Number One to provide an outlet for creative designers like myself. I’m a freelance designer mainly working within the fields of print and web. I have over 20 years experience designing for print and 12 years for web.

I’m based in Hamilton near Glasgow and found my passion for design through music. I started out designing artwork for the music industry ranging from album covers to festival posters and my quirky designs caught the eye of those in other areas and started to ask me to design for them. Our clients range from multi-nationals in the private and public sector to local businesses, charities and indiviuals.

Apart from my design work, I retain a passion for live music and actively promote it within my local area through the not for profit organisation Intimate Gigs. I also believe passionately in human rights and those of children in particular. I am a director of the Glasgow based children’s humanitarian charity Spirit Aid, which is dedicated to relieving the suffering of children across the world. You can find out more information on Spirit Aid at www.spiritaid.org.